Mar 26, 2014 · You will see the original Slog2 and SLog3 plus the Slog 2 and Slog 3 after applying the LC-709 LUT to each in Sony’s raw viewer. Nothing else has been done to the clips. You can “see” more noise in the raised shadows in the untouched SLog3, but after applying the LUTs the noise levels are the same..This LUTs pack contains 20 Film Slog3 LUTs and 20 Film Rec 709. We present you, Sony Alpha Essentials.This LUT bundle was developed for Sony Alpha users that shoot on profiles Slog2 - Slog3 & Cine4.This Bundle Includes:Slog2 Essentials: 13 LUTsSlog3: 5 LUTsCine4: 7 LUTsThe Luts are in .cube format. jolida fusion 6802; costco ad may 2022.

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